Our Ethos

The Spanda Trust came into being through the vision and generosity of its founder, Joanna Pelly.
Its practical purpose is to cherish the two “gemstones” in its care: Harbour House in the centre of Kingsbridge overlooking the estuary and Bala Brook on the edge of Dartmoor.

Harbour House houses an art gallery and studio, café, three yoga studios and meeting rooms for therapeutic, creative and spiritual purposes. Bala Brook is a residential retreat centre for groups of up to fifteen people.

The vision which led to the setting up of the Trust is, however, a spiritual one which seeks to encourage ‘a culture of awakening’. Our work as a Trust is shaped by five core values which can be shared by everyone whatever their personal world view or belief system.

The Trust exists to provide people with space to be themselves and explore who they are in the hope that this will contribute to the re-alignment of humanity and the planet we inhabit.

The Trust seeks to uphold its values and fulfil its charitable remit with transparency and integrity

Spanda Meaning

Spanda is an ancient Sanskrit term with no English equivalent. It refers to the primal vibration from which all things emerge and return. It can be felt as the creative impulse inherent within each one of us and at the heart of life. This is the life blood flowing through the Trust which we, as trustees, do our best to honour and cherish.

The Five Core Values



Broadening our horizons



Working together with kindness



Caring for people and the natural world



Feeling we belong



Promoting health and happiness in mind, body and spirit