About Spanda Trust

Jo’s Vision

Jo Pelly’s vision is a radical one inspired by her own life experience and spiritual understandings drawn from both the East and the West. At its heart is the idea of service to something greater than ourselves and a commitment through practices like yoga and meditation to awaken to our true potential as human beings manifesting the divine spark that is within all things, ourselves included.

Also at its heart is a reverence for the natural world and a recognition of the need for wilderness areas to provide sanctuary from the stress and craziness of modern living. At Bala Brook, we have been entrusted with a small corner of the universe to cherish and share with those who seek to learn more about themselves.

Embraced by the wildness of Dartmoor, the serene vitality of mature oaks and the ever constant flow of the brook, we can let go our usual anxieties and concerns when we spend time at Bala Brook. As we do so, we are given the precious opportunity to enter an alert, quiet silent awareness and experience peace of mind, however fleeting.

Spiritual transformation and spiritual ecology are the heart beats in Jo’s vision and the Trust is committed to sustaining her vision both at Harbour House in its urban setting and Bala Brook on the edge of the moor.

The Tanka painting in Shraddha building at Bala Brook (detail)